Cloud Computing Services

Resources play a vital role in business. Cloud computing gives your business the flexibility to make the most out of yours.

Why use a cloud services provider?

When you utilize ICS as your cloud computing managed service provider, you get the expertise and proactive support you need to keep your business not only caught up with technology, but evolving with it. We help you save money by taking advantage of technology that makes technology work for you.

What can cloud computing do for my company?

By taking advantage of remote technologies, your company can save money. You reduce the perpetual IT costs of buying new hardware and software for system upgrades while also reducing your need for in-house expert IT. Whether you are looking for software, storage, back-up or the ability improve business processes – the cloud can fulfill your needs.

What are some benefits of cloud computing?


Reduces the cost of software and hardware upgrades as well as reducing the need for expert in-house IT technicians.


Cloud applications can be scaled up or down depending on the specific IT needs of your business.

Data Protection

Risk can be minimized and data can be protected from disaster.

Find the solutions your business needs to leverage the cloud.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Find the software solution that is right for your business.

Online Data Backup

Minimize your risk and protect your data from disaster associated with fire, theft, hacking or natural disaster

Hosted Servers

Improve your company’s workflow and save money while focusing on your business.

Mobile Device Management

Take control of your organization’s mobile devices.

Cloud Integration

Break down data silos, improve connectivity, visibility and optimize business processes.