Multiple-Site Services

The playbook has changed. Technology can keep everyone at your organization on the same page.

How is the traditional office changing?

Technology has changed the dynamics of data processing. This has not only affected office technologies, but office culture as well. An employee’s physical presence in the office is no longer necessary for an organization to be successful.

How is that possible?

Site-to-site technologies have made it possible for your business to have more control over its data and how it is used. You can centralize your data and not only control the accessibility, but how it is manipulated.

What are some benefits of multiple-site solutions?

Increased Collaboration

Share data in real time from any location there is an internet connection.


Keep out intruders and create a private connection from a public line with VPN.

Expanded Capabilities

Take advantage of tools which optimize both internal and external communication.

om disaster.

Find solutions that make managing multiple sites easy.

Unified Communications

Expand upon the communication capabilities of your business IT infrastructure.

VPN & Direct Access Support

Share data with confidence by creating a secure connection with a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Unified Data Sharing

Share information across your various sites with fast & secure data sharing in a state-of-the-art security environment.

Remote IT Support Service

Get real-time IT support by connecting directly to an IT systems professional.

Remote Desktop Services

Centralize your enterprise’s information while allowing management and staff to access data no matter where they are, anywhere in the world.

Managed Cloud Server

Focus on business operations, rather than addressing server glitches and downtime with managed cloud servers.


Take control of your network traffic while securing your enterprise’s internal internetwork’s data processing assets.